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The Way of Harmony @ Castelluccio

April 27, 2021

The position of the oldest buildings and roads in Castelluccio shows us Harmony. Are we still capable of seeing such Harmony? Do we need the eyes of youth, to see it with renewed eyes? Do we need to interrogate a child, to tell us? Do we need to be born again?

There was a time when there was no knowledge of Latitude, nor Longitude. There was no GPS. Galileo Galilei, Newton, Copernicus... they had still to be born. Yet, even humble shepherds could watch the Sun, could watch the Stars, and tell us about such Harmony.

Such Harmony is at the basis of Architecture. It is illustrated by Vitruvius. It is in the Vastu Shastra. It is in Feng Shui.

I would like to attempt to explain to you why Castelluccio is such a meaningful place.


The Unlocking of the Secret of Castelluccio

The Latitude of Castelluccio is 40 degrees North: interesting number.

Firstly, the direction of the shadow at noon, on March 21, the Spring Equinox: this gives us the direction of the North South axis, give or take a deviation given by the Precession of Equinoxes.

Then, the direction of the setting Sun on June 21, the Summer Solstice: this gives us a direction passing through the Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Castelluccio Superiore. That is where the light disappears, if you watch from the Roman Bridge over Via Popilia, which is downhill from Madonna del Carmine.

The Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Castelluccio Superiore is a symbolic place: it is the place besides the Cemetery of Castelluccio Superiore. Of course, those who leave this world have a special place of devotion and respect. Such place is located at North West of the Roman Bridge, in the direction of the Sun that dies. Omega.

Mind: in the End is my Beginning.

If one watches from Madonna del Carmine, in the same direction, at the dawn of the Solstice of Winter, December 23, one sees that all buildings are in Harmony with such a line.

Which buildings, which roads are aligned with the direction of the Winter Solstice?

These are too many to tell. I will point out a few. The southern walls of Comune di Castelluccio Inferiore, which was a convent, is along this line. Via Roma, south of Chiesa dell'Annunziata, is along this line. The Church of Sant'Anna and the Church of Saint Nicholas mirror each other, each on a side of that line, according to the Lunistice.

Uphill, there is a little chapel, Sant’Antuono. The line joining Sant'Antuono and the Chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena - which is today a ruin - are aligned, along the same direction, and draw a line, parallel to Via Roma.

Overseeing such order, there is Saint Michael Archangel. On his left, East side, the San Giovanni rivlet, which is a symbol of youth, of purity, of beauty. The Spring of Life.

All churches, all spiritual places have a meaning, in such a scheme of positions: Madonna del Soccorso, Madonna della Neve...

The layout of buildings and roads mirror a cosmic Harmony. It represent - if you have a practical mind - an astronomical clock. As in many other meaningful places, on this planet Earth. If your Heart is open, it represents a manifestation of the Genius Loci.

This is all enshrined in a little village, a Microcosm. But where does this direction bring us all?


The Light of the World

In Castelluccio, one may legitimately ask, what is the direction of the rising Sun at the Solstice of Winter, Christmas?

Answer: it is the direction of the Light of the World, the direction of the Holy Land. It is the direction of the Saint Sepulcher. It is the direction of Christ, the Redeemer.

The Sun in Castelluccio, on the Solstice of Winter, rises from 60 degrees South. If you follow that direction, according to the loxodrome, you will reach Jerusalem.

Navigation was a secret. It is based on assumptions, on observations, on calculations, on spherical trigonometry. Those who knew about navigation had an advantage, often a life or death advantage on others, a strategic advantage.


The Saint Michael / Apollo Axis

Castelluccio is, give or take a little, on the same meridian of the Sanctuary of San Michele, Monte Sant'Angelo, Gargano. This Sanctuary is well known to pilgrims. It is a sign post along the Rua Francigena. Such a Sanctuary is along the Archangel Michael's Leyline, which is a postulated leyline connecting shrines dedicated to the Archangel Michael in Europe and in the Middle East. Delphi is also along this line, which is also named "The Saint Michael - Apollo Axis". Please mind: I do not intend to argue that there is one single intelligence, a plan, that established such axis, but I rather observe that it emerged from the autonomous intent of many planners and builders.

The aligned shrines include:


Saint Michael, Beauty, Harmony, Castelluccio, Mercurion Hotspot

Saint Michael belongs to Jewish, Christians, and Muslims. ‎‎Religious and esoteric scriptures have reserved a particular role for the Archangel Michael, since ancient times, considering him always present in the struggle that is fought at an individual and at a collective level against the forces of evil. Saint Michel is a leader of all those who seek the Light.

‎In eastern and occidental iconography,‎‎ Saint Michael is depicted in two particular roles: ‎

  • ‎like a fighting Archangel, with the sword or spear in his hand, covered with armor, beautiful and shining with light, winner against evil creeping at his feet, often in the form of a snake or a dragon;

  • like a judging Archangel holding a scale to weigh souls, ‎‎as a Guide of Souls at the time of the passage, as he is by our side on the day of judgment.

Saint Michael has a Sword. The Sword of Light. The Light of the Winter Solstice.

In the Kabbala, the Archangel Michael corresponds to the Archangel who is ruling Tipheret (the Sun) which is the central sephirot of the Tree of Life: Beauty and Harmony.‎

Now, one is ready to understand the expressions of the Strategy of Castelluccio:

Laboratorio di Bellezza: the place where young people are invited to elaborate Beauty.

I Cammini dell'Armonia: the many paths that bring to Tipheret,

Aikido Dojo: the place for the Way of Ki, the Way of Harmony.

I Monaci Guerrieri: the Warrior Monks.

Mercurion Hotspot: the location to radiate to the entire Mercure Valley.

I Mulini dei Monaci Guerrieri: the road that departs from Via dei Mulini, alla Filanda.

Leo Giannotti, Archistrategos

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